Cocopeat 650grms Brick for Plants and Gardening – Expands Upto 7 litres of Cocopeat Coir Powder


Product Description

  • Material: Other, Color: Multicolour
  • Package Contents:1 Cocopeat Block 650 Gram
  • Cocopeat Blocks will be Expandable up to 8 L
  • Cocopeat is a byproduct that remains after the extraction of coconut fibers from the husks or shells
  • It is also called “coir fiber pith” or “coir dust”. Cocopeat is full of nutrients and is an excellent growing medium
  • Cocopeat is a fiber, which is a by-product of the coconut coir industry. It gives porosity and it is a place for gaseous exchange, useful microflora development, and provides organic matter. It is a little acidic in nature, which helps in altering the pH and electric conductivity (EC) of the soil
  • How to use? Must be soaked with 8-10 liters of water for 15 minutes. Allow it to expand and then slowly stir until it becomes loose. Then apply at the root-zone area and quantity depends on the age of the plant
  • Usage: Agriculture, horticulture, lawns, flower plants, vegetative plants, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants