About Nutrimax


Organic gardening has now become the buzz word but we have been enabling people in idealizing this practice for years!! We are a family run business for 4 decades specializing in organic plant foods for agriculture consumption across the globe  With Neem as our primary ingredient, we have been perfecting plant foods for different kinds plant’s needs.


Gardening Consultation
If you have any questions in regards to organic gardening and if you need any consulting regarding gardening then feel free to contact us

Our Story


NutriMax is aimed at bringing great value to public by making our plant foods directly available to all gardening enthusiasts in retail. With growing threats of unknowns in our food, it is now even more important to know how we grow our own – Not just for a healthy, safe food supply but also for a clean and sustainable environment. Feeding the soil with natures best organic manures keeps your plants happy, strong and helps them fight off most problems themselves. The joy and the rewarding experience you get from caring for your garden in the most organic way is a bonus. Our founding mission is more alive today than ever, as we experience our customers doing quality gardening with close to nature elements at an extremely competitive price. We have an established line of plant foods and the “can’t-live-without-it” tools for growing the healthiest plants ever.